Two Disasters You Can Avoid by Hiring the Right Contractor

29 September 2019
29 September 2019, Comments: Comments Off on Two Disasters You Can Avoid by Hiring the Right Contractor

Unfortunately, when looking for a contractor these days, you don’t just need to find someone who can get the job done, you also need to find someone you can trust. We recently shared a story of a couple who were left high and dry when an unlicensed contractor bailed on them without completing the job. But, that’s not the only way you can get into a bad situation with a shady businessman.

For example, a recent story from NBC 6 in Miami uncovered a similar predicament for a number of homeowners who were out of luck when the company they hired to put in their pools shut its doors. According to one employee, around 40 people had projects in process with Parkwood Pools and Pavers, Inc. when they decided to close down without any notice. Sadly for the homeowners, many of which had put down thousands for deposits, their best chance of getting their money back is through a lengthy legal process.

And in yet another telling news story, a Michigan contractor was recently arrested after being accused of illegally dumping swimming pool wastewater into a river. reported that the authorities were alerted after a paddleboarder spotted blue material, which they believed to be paint, running down a cliff and into the water. When they arrived, officers found a swimming pool refinishing crew that they suspected was dumping their waster over the rock. Definitely not something you would want to happen on your project!

If there was a moral to these stories, it would be to find a company with a long history of completing quality projects. And always—especially when working with a younger company—ask for references from previous customers.

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