Australian Pro Athlete Uses Stranger's Pool to Recoup Injury

4 February 2020
4 February 2020, Comments: Comments Off on Australian Pro Athlete Uses Stranger’s Pool to Recoup Injury

There are many upsides to owning a pool, but I’m willing to bet you never expected meeting a famous athlete to make the list. But, that’s exactly what happened to one Australian family last Saturday night! In addition to being yet another reason why pools are awesome, it’s actually a pretty funny story.

Meg Lanning, an Australian international cricketer and current captain of the Australian women’s national team, explained in an interview that she has a recurring back injury that pops up from time to time. In fact, it surfaced again toward the end of Australia’s match against England on Saturday, causing Lanning to sit out the rest of the game. After the Australian team went on to lose the close match, Lanning knew she needed to work out the issue quickly to prepare for upcoming games, which she usually does by spending some time in the pool.

The problem for Lanning, however, was that there were no pools available at the time due to it being late in the evening. Luckily for her, an employee of the hotel she was staying at came to the rescue. Lanning explained the chance encounter saying, “A nice lady at the reception of our hotel said they had a pool at her parents’ house five minutes away from the hotel, so me, [our team] physio, Kate, and security headed there to a random’s house to use their pool on a Saturday night.” Laughing about the event, Lanning added, “I was very embarrassed. I really couldn’t believe that it was actually happening, but they were really lovely. They welcomed us and made it very easy, so I’m very thankful they let me use it.”

Of course, the friendly family was invited to Australia’s game against India the next day. Lanning sat out to continue resting her back, but they left with a signed hat and much appreciation from the team captain.

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