3 March 2020
3 March 2020, Comments: Comments Off on Are Swimming Pools Water Wasters?

We get it. Arizona is a dry place. So, naturally, water is a valuable resource, and we want to make sure none of it goes to waste. We definitely agree! Which begs the question: are pools water wasters? Let’s look for the answer together.

Pools vs. Lawns

When you start thinking about water conversation, it’s normal to assume that the largest body of water on your property might be the biggest cause of water waste. However, when you look at the numbers, it’s actually the water you don’t see that should concern you more. For example, a lawn the same square footage as your pool will use significantly more water.

In fact, a study by Santa Margarita Water District found that pools use about 1 gallon per square foot less than lawns over the course of a year. That means that between a 1,200 sqft pool and a 1,200 sqft lawn, the pool will use 12,000 gallons less water. And that’s only in the first year! If you don’t drain and refill your pool the second year, it will save even more in comparison.

What’s a Waste Anyway?

Since we’ve talked hard numbers when it comes to water, we should also do our best to define waste. The answer may not be as concrete, but it’s worth exploring. What exactly do we consider waste? If you use your pool on a regular basis—which is proven to increase your physical and mental health—is that really a waste? And that’s not to mention the amount of family bonding and memory-making that happens around the pool. Those things are hard to put a price on.

So, what do we think? Of course, we’re a little biased, but if you love your pool, use it regularly, and are responsible with your water usage, we can hardly call that a waste.

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