An Easy Way to Cut Your Pool Costs by One-Third

10 November 2018
10 November 2018, Comments: Comments Off on An Easy Way to Cut Your Pool Costs by One-Third

Who doesn’t like to save money? Well, when it comes to your pool the easiest way to do so is by reducing your energy costs and the amount of water you use. And many products, like variable speed pumps, cartridge filters, and solar pool covers have been designed to do just that. But, there is one way to save yourself some money without spending so much, if any. You can cut your costs by almost a third by doing this one simple method—covering and closing your pool for the winter.

The Benefits of Closing Your Pool

Now, closing your pool for three to four months may not be for everyone. If you have a heater for your pool, you may be able to enjoy it year-round. However, if you don’t plan on using your pool much anyway, closing it is a great way to cut down on maintenance and costs.

Closed pools still require some attention, but covering your pool will reduce the amount of chemicals needed to keep your water balanced while also keeping debris out. Not having to run your pump will save you energy as well, but you can still turn it on to avoid freezing if the temperature happens to dip into the low 30s.

Cover Options

In order to close your pool properly, the one thing you will need is a cover. Of course, there are a number of options when it comes to choosing a pool cover, so knowing your options is helpful. The three most common are mesh covers, solid covers, and safety covers.

Mesh covers, or leaf catchers, are generally the cheapest option. As you can imagine from the name, they help keep leaves and large debris out of your pool but will offer the least amount of protection out of the choices. Solid covers, which float on the surface of the water, will block more dirt than a mesh cover and stop evaporation, but if you have young children or small pets, a safety cover is the best option.

Safety covers anchor into the deck around your pool with heavy duty straps to keep anything from getting into your pool that shouldn’t. They cost the most out of the three options, but they are the most durable and will last for many winters to come. After purchasing a cover if you don’t already have one, you are all set to close your pool for the season. Now you have everything you need to save some money and take care of your pool for the next few months!