Why a 94-Year-Old Man Built a Pool in His Backyard

8 September 2017
8 September 2017, Comments: Comments Off on Why a 94-Year-Old Man Built a Pool in His Backyard

When 94-year-old Minnesota resident, Keith Davison, lost his wife of 66 years, he wasn’t sure what to do. He missed Evy dearly, and as a retired district judge, he didn’t have many interactions during the long days afterward. That is until he had an idea that would cure his loneliness and do some good for his community: building a pool.

Davison decided to build a 16×32 in-ground swimming pool in his backyard, free for the neighborhood kids to enjoy. No one was sure if he was serious at first, but after construction began, the neighbors began to believe. Now, the pool is open to the public, and “the judge” as they call him is no longer lonely, but surrounded with kids. He laughed as he said, “I knew they’d come.”

He never had any grandchildren of his own, but now Davison has virtually adopted an entire neighborhood of children as he brightens their summer days. The judge doesn’t sit by himself anymore but interacts with parents and watches the kids play. Watch the heartwarming video below be inspired to dream of what you could do with your own pool!

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