5-Year-Old Waterslide Designer Recognized by Major Manufacturer

5 December 2019
5 December 2019, Comments: Comments Off on 5-Year-Old Waterslide Designer Recognized by Major Manufacturer

In a recent heartwarming news story, a little girl was encouraged to dream and inadvertently became the “industry’s youngest waterslide designer.” Here’s what happened:

After visiting Noah’s Ark Waterpark with her family, 5-year-old Hannah Nevins from Verona Wisconsin was inspired. Upon arriving home, she devised and colored an original, giraffe-themed waterslide of her own. When Nevins’s parents sent the drawing to Noah’s Ark, the waterpark’s graphic design intern, Brianna Thom, designed a mockup of the slide and sent it back to the family. The Nevins family was excited to receive the letter, but the story doesn’t stop there—it gets better.

A couple of months later, Hannah and her family were invited to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions trade show in Orlando, Florida. It was there that waterslide manufacturer Polin Waterparks honored Hannah and presented her with a real-life 3D model of the design she had created. Although it wasn’t a full-size slide, the representation of her dream slide is to scale and is something she can hold onto forever.

We hope you enjoyed this awesome story as much as we did. It serves as a great reminder that water play can be a great inspiration for kids and illustrates how we as parents can encourage them to keep dreaming big!