15 September 2017
15 September 2017, Comments: Comments Off on 5 Water Saving Tips for Your Swimming Pool

Whether you are worried about saving the environment, saving your money, or both, conserving water is important. And, since swimming pools can be a major source of water consumption, we wanted to help you start your water saving efforts there. Here are five easy ways you can save water when it comes to your backyard pool.

1) Use a Pool Cover

Pool covers are good for your pool in many ways, but most people don’t know that water conservation is one the reasons it might be worth the investment. Pool covers can reduce evaporation significantly and decrease the amount of refilling by 30-50%. Also, if you heat your pool, a cover can help keep your pool warmer and save you money on your electric bill.

2) Check for Leaks

Make note of the water level in your pool. After 24 hours, check it again. If the water level has fallen more than 1/4 of an inch, you may be losing water to more than evaporation. If you have suspicions your pool may be leaking, save yourself the cost of continuing to fill a leaking pool and get it checked out by a professional to stop the problem before it grows. If you use an automatic water leveling system, keep an eye on your water bill for any unexpected spikes.

3) Lower Your Water Level

Another strategy for water conservation is to lower your pool’s water level. It is good to keep your water level at least one inch above the bottom of your tile, but not overfilling your pool could stop water from escaping during use. A slightly lower water level will prevent too much water from leaving the pool when the kids jump in and start splashing.

4) Only Backwash When Necessary

It’s obvious if you have ever backwashed your pool that it uses a large amount of water. You can drastically reduce the amount of water your pool loses by only backwashing when absolutely necessary. In addition, only backwash long enough for your water to run clean. Any water you use can also be utilized for watering your lawn or backyard plants!

5) Shut off Water Features

Waterfalls and fountains are great, but they can cause you to lose a significant amount of water due to aeration—much more than you would without them. Consider shutting them off when the pool is not in use or only using them when you are entertaining. This way, you still get to enjoy them when it is most important and save water when it’s not.

We hope you have found these suggestions helpful. Start using these five tips to save water and money today!