24 July 2017
24 July 2017, Comments: Comments Off on 5 Pool Hacks You’ll Actually Use

As you probably know, summers in Phoenix can be summed up in one word—hot. Spending time in the pool can be a great way to cool off, but it can come with its own set of headaches too. Try out these five pool hacks to save yourself some time and get back to relaxing.

#1 Keep Your Hair from Turning Green

Is your hair blonde? Keep it that way by wetting it with fresh water before you get into the pool. This will coat your hair to prevent it from turning green. Even when you’re not swimming at home, it’s easy to bring along a water bottle to give your hair a quick rinse before diving in.

#2 Get Water out of Your Ears by Using a Balloon

If you get water stuck in your ear that doesn’t come out with a simple head tilt, try blowing up a balloon a few times while holding your nose. This usually works like charm, and it’s super easy to pack away in your pool bag for next time.

Another trick you can try is using a blow dryer on the lowest setting to blow warm air into your ear while moving your ear lobe. If you have continued difficulty, make an appointment with your doctor, but hopefully, these tricks will save you the trip!

#3 Keep Your Phone Safe in a Plastic Bag

Keep your phone out of harm’s way by putting it into a resealable plastic bag. While we don’t advise taking your phone into the pool with you, this will help keep it dry when the kids start splashing, so you can sit poolside without worrying. Not only will you be able to see your phone, but the touchscreen will still work too.

#4 Build a PVC Towel Rack

If you have a large family or if your backyard is the neighborhood hangout, you know it can get a little crazy trying to keep everything clean and organized. Build this easy-to-make towel rack out of PVC pipes to make sure everyone has a spot to dry their towel for next time. It doubles as a great place to keep your kids’ floaties and pool noodles.

#5 Make a Floating Drink Cooler

Some days, you just don’t want to get out of the pool. If that’s the case, you’ll love this simple floating cooler you can make yourself from only a plastic bin and a pool noodle. Now you can stay hydrated as you float, and next time your friends are over, no one will have to get out of the pool to refill their beverage.