5 Incredible Health Benefits of Owning a Pool

6 February 2022
6 February 2022, Comments: Comments Off on 5 Incredible Health Benefits of Owning a Pool

Nothing beats comfort like a refreshing dip in your own private crystal clear pool during the warm Arizona weather. From sharing memorable family moments and making your home a social hotspot to increasing your property’s resale value and raising strong swimmers, the advantages of your own pool are numerous. What may not be so obvious are the health benefits associated with owning one. Read on to discover 5 health benefits.

1. Ideal Way of Working Out

If you love to keep fit and choose to visit the gym or go for a run, know that you can get adequate all-around exercise without ever leaving your compound. Your own swimming pool offers much more than a treadmill or an elliptical. Swimming laps involve using many muscles that result in an intense cardio workout.

Besides, they markedly improve flexibility, strengthen muscular balance, raise endurance, burn up calories, plus boost your respiratory and cardiovascular health.

2. Variety of Exercises Provide Health Benefits With a Pool

The proximity of your pool gives you endless opportunities to carry out varied exercises. All the different styles of swimming engage your whole body, inclusive of your core, legs, and arms. The backstroke develops posture, while the breaststroke works on your inner thighs and hips. 

Similarly, sidestroke, freestyle, butterfly, and others positively affect your muscles and general health. Aside from doing laps, other exercises include water weights, underwater walking, aerobics, leg kicks, and poolside crunches. What’s more, you can do them alone or with friends and family.

3. Recovery From Injuries

Swimming in your own pool allows you to engage in aqua therapy, whereby you use foam weights to stretch out or rehabilitate any injured body parts. This physical therapy is a low-impact exercise that significantly reduces body strain and prevents injury. It works fine for you as you grow older and develop a fragile body, weak knees, and stiff muscles.

Aqua therapy helps you progress well in your healing journey by minimizing pain, swelling, and pressure on your muscles and joints. The water pressure enables fluid movement from injured spots to the body. Further, reduced pain and swelling help you regain your motion and strength. 

4. A Healthy Heart, Weight, and Lungs

Properly structured workouts are advantageous to your overall health. As you do your laps, you burn off excess fat, even up to 500 calories, checking your weight in the process. Your heart and lungs remain in good health because of better breathing. 

This is because, as you swim, the nature of your breathing becomes limited in frequency and volume. It promotes a larger lung capacity while enabling continuous oxygen intake.

5. Psychological Health Benefits to Owning a Pool

Are you an anxious type? Do you find yourself stressed once in a while? Diving into the pool alleviates anxiety and stress most naturally. Likewise, you don’t have to think of driving off to find a pool. Instead, you can enjoy splashing moments with your loved ones. As you splash and float on water, you will find yourself relaxing. The stress and anxiety will quietly melt away.

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