13 April 2018
13 April 2018, Comments: Comments Off on 4 Ways to Cool Your Pool During the Summer

A pool is a great thing to own in the middle of the Arizona summer. Taking a dip in the pool can refresh you completely on a hot day and give you a way to spend time outside when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. The only problem is, sometimes the weather can be so hot that your pool isn’t very cool anymore—and that’s an issue. Here are four ways to fix that issue and keep your pool at just the right temperature.

Get an Evaporative Pool Cooler

Pool coolers are one of the most effective ways to cool off a warm pool. After installation, your water will be circulated through the cooling system, getting rid of the heat and transferring the cooler water back into your pool. These electric-powered coolers are energy-efficient and easy to operate.

Install Water Features

Water features aren’t just for looks. Not only does moving water stay cooler than still water, but water features help aerate your water and reduce some of the heat that builds up from the hot sun. Adding a waterfall, fountains, or even a slide could keep your pool cooler for longer.

Make Some Shade

Obviously, one of the best ways to cool your pool would be to block it from the sun, but that can be easier said than done here in Arizona. Shade sails are one way to create shade for your pool while not being an eyesore. They truly look nice enough that you could install them for aesthetic alone, but thankfully you’ll benefit from a cooler pool as well.

Build a Pergola

If you want a cooler pool but also like a little sun, a pergola may be the way to go for you. The slanted roof of a pergola will block out a significant portion of sunlight while still allowing just enough through to stay comfortable. The benefits of pergolas keep going too since they can be made out of multiple materials to match the look of your home.

Is your pool too hot? Contact us today to talk about these options and more for keeping you cool throughout the summer.